Cities Better

Community Builder. Infrastructrure Nerd. Urban Innovator.

Our cities are facing difficult challenges. And, infrastructure assets, as the foundation of our cities, can provide economic, social, and environmental solutions. Driven by my passion for building and strengthening communities, I use leadership, creativity, and collaboration to improve the ways we build transportation, water, sanitation, energy, and civic infrastructure projects. For the past eight years, I have studied and worked on infrastructure delivery, from planning to operations/maintenance. In doing so, my work has identified and evaluated the use of innovative contracting and financing strategies, like public-private partnerships and crowdfunding, for infrastructure projects in different contexts. This is especially important as governments struggle to provide services and are eager to try new strategies. I bring an entrepreneurial spirit to these challenges, drawing from my project experience in Argentina, Uganda, Mexico, China, and Nicaragua and industry experience in urban planning, transportation engineering, construction management, and public policy analysis. As a result of my breadth of work, I have been invited globally to make presentations, won numerous fellowships and grants, and selected to be a participant in the UN's 2018 Innovation Lab. I’m eager to learn about the communities and projects you work with, your interest in innovative infrastructure delivery, and how we can collaborate.

PhD, Civil Engineering
MA, International Policy