International Development


To reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, more external stakeholders (including philanthropies, multilateral organizations, and foreign governments) have involved themselves in international infrastructure initiatives. This work looks at the policies, financing, and management strategies that influence the construction of infrastructure projects globally. Several of these papers were commissioned by the Leadership Academy for Development that trains policymakers who work in international development settings. Despite the diverse outlets for this work, each paper considers the systematic conditions, such as local governance, supply-chain access, and international dynamics, that influence the sustainability of projects.

Sample Publications and Presentations
Gasparro, K. (2017). To be “dam”-ed: Navigating Stakeholder Relations to Bring Energy to Africa with Inga 3. Case Study. Leadership Academy for Development.
Gasparro, K. E., & Walters, J. P. (2017) Revealing causal pathways to sustainable water service delivery using fsQCA. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, 7(3).
Gasparro, K. (2017, November). Alive and “Well”: Constructing Sustainable Water Projects in Developing Communities. Presented at the Construction Lecture Series at University of Washington. Seattle, WA.
Gasparro, K. (2015). Policy Recommendations for Asia’s Infrastructure Bank’s Social Safeguards. Stanford International Policy Review 2(2). (68-73).